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how to buy velocity points?


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Select how many Points you want to buy and complete the transaction. You can view the Points Booster price table.


Redeem your Points on flights or with one of our Velocity partners*.

frequently asked questions

How will I know when my Points have been credited to my Velocity account?
The Points you buy will show in your Velocity account under recent activity.
How much do Points cost?
Points cost will vary depending on how many Points you want to buy. Check out the Points Booster price table.
How many times a year can I buy Points?
There is no limit to the number of times you can purchase Velocity Points per calendar year. However, you can purchase up to a maximum of 250,000 Points per calendar year.
What is the maximum and minimum number of Points I can purchase?

Points Booster can be used by any Velocity member as long as you have some Velocity Points in your account.

You can purchase Points in various increments from: 1,000 Points to 250,000 Points. Points increments may be changed by Velocity from time to time.

You can buy Points as many time as you like over the course of a calendar year, up to a maximum of 250,000 Points per year.

Can I buy Points for someone else?
You can only buy Points on your own behalf, which will be allocated to your account only.
Can I refund my Points?
Points purchases are non-refundable.

terms and conditions

Purchasing Points with Velocity Points Booster is facilitated by Points Inc.
Purchasing Points is subject to the membership Terms and Conditions. Prices are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST. The applicable price will be the price published at the time of purchase and is subject to change without notice. Purchased Points are non-refundable. Points Booster transactions are processed outside of Australia. You are responsible for any additional fees charged by your financial institution in connection with your Points Booster transaction. The purchase of Points does not guarantee the availability of your desired reward. If you have any enquiries in relation to Points Booster, please contact the Membership Contact Centre.